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Commercial appraisal is the term usually given to describe retail, office, industrial and other miscellaneous property value estimation. Using a variety of tools and analyses, our commercial appraisers from Atlanta Appraisers can estimate the value of almost any type of real estate.

Most of these property types are analyzed and compared to other properties, on the basis of the price per square foot of net rentable building area, with the Sales Comparison Approach. The Sales Comparison Approach incorporates the actions of buyers and sellers in the marketplace. The Income Capitalization Approach uses market supported actual rental rates, vacancy allowance, operating expenses, and overall rates in order to estimate a value for the subject property. The value indication by the Income Capitalization Approach is usually given weight in a reconciled market value as it reflects the thinking process of an investor. The Cost Approach considers the current cost of reproducing a property, less accrued depreciation in the property. A summation of the market value of the land assumed vacant and the depreciated reproduction cost new of the improvements provides an indication of the total value of the property. This approach is typically used for specialty properties such as churches or other unique properties that are difficult to otherwise compare or estimate income.

Georgia Real Estate Appraisers is a full-service appraisal firm providing commercial real estate appraisal and consulting services to fit your needs. We have been appraising real estate in Atlanta since 2004. All of our real estate appraisers are state certified. Our appraisers are known for providing well-researched and documented commercial appraisal reports that are delivered on time. We provide commercial appraisals in a detailed narrative format or on standardized forms depending upon our clients’ needs. Our reports conform to the USPAP guidelines and all federal regulations and standards. Call Georgia Real Estate Appraisers today for your free quote.

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